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Google Rating
Based on 422 reviews

Dog Obedience Training v. Adrenaline

Why Choose Bark Busters?


Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. Bark Busters teaches you how to communicate with your dog in a language he/she understands.

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Patrick has changed my life for the better in 2 short hours! My 3-month-old golden doodle, Maggie is so much more responsive on day 1 and I am sure it will continue as we do more. After one lesson she […]

Mary | Fort Myers, Lee

We are so excited to have received training from Patrick at Bark Busters. Our overall goal was to better communicate with our dogs, and to make them more comfortable with each other. (We added a new […]

Trisha | Labelle, Hendry

Surprised how quickly the dog responded to what he said to do. I am sure if I follow what I learned today a lot of the problems will be taken care of. […]

Helene | Cape Coral, Lee

Patrick was awesome to work with. Easy to understand. Wonderful teacher. After less than 3 hours with our initial training session, our dog is spending lots of time in the green zone. He has really […]

Cheryl | Lehigh Acres

We so enjoyed the time you were here helping us understand our puppy and what we should and should not be doing right now. We appreciate all the time and effort you put into this visit.. Thanks […]

Christine | Fort Myers, Lee

I am so thankful for Patrick @Barkbusters!! He is amazing!! From the moment I called to my actual training session with Patrick was 5 stars!! So knowledgeable, honest, compassionate and incredible […]

Danielle | Estero, Lee

This training is amazing! […]

Alexandra | Lehigh Acres

We had a fantastic first session with Patrick! Our puppy Luna had no boundaries and was getting bigger faster than we could figure out how to train her! Who knew we just needed to speak dog?! Patrick […]

Courtney | FORT MYERS

Pat came in and trained us on how to train our dogs in less than an hour. It’s like we have new well behaved dogs! We have 2 dogs, a 1 year old and 6 year old. My only regret is not calling Pat 6 […]

Tim | Estero, Lee

Our 18 mo Cocker Spaniel Molly, a leash tugger, puller barker & lunger at anything or anyone we saw when attempting to take her for a walk. We tried all the usual trainings - puppy kindergarten and […]


Patrick was amazing! We saw immediate results. We have struggled with behavioral issues with Ollie for 2 years and were extremely frustrated and didn't know what else to do. Patrick was able to help […]

Louise | Punta Gorda, Charlotte

Patrick is a miracle worker. As he explains it, he's just communicating with Dexter, my dog, in Dexter's own language. What astounds me is how instantaneously my dog responded to the new cues and […]

Katherine | Cape Coral, Lee

Thank you Patrick - you're amazing! We didn't know how to handle Charlie, our great Pyrenees mix, and Patrick came to the rescue. The techniques he used worked almost instantly and the expertise he […]

Ed | Fort Myers

Patrick is wonderful to work with and very professional. I highly recommend him and his method is traing! […]

Nancy | Sanibel, Lee

Today I had my first session with Patrick and can’t believe the difference in my dog. He is calm and walking better on leash. I am so happy I contacted Bark Busters. It was me that needed the […]

Patty | Bonita Springs, Lee

Our first session with Patrick went great! We weren’t 100% sure this was the right direction for us and Buster, but are now 100% sold! Patrick does a great job of covering the material thoroughly […]

Dawn | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick is excellent! I learned so much during first lesson! We worked in claiming front door, walking on leash, barking and so much more. My goal is working towards the Green zone for daily living! […]

Tracy | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick just left we are extremely impressed with today's session. Will definitely recommend him to friends […]

Todd | Fort myers

I highly recommend Patrick with Bark Busters above all the other trainers out there!! (and my black lab Nugget and I have worked with a TON of them!) I was amazed by how calm, patient, understanding & […]

Kaitlin | Fort Myers, Lee

I can’t tell you how happy we are with the training we got from Patrick Logue. After just a two hour lesson, we are truly amazed at the difference in our stubborn 20-month-old dachshund. Oscar has […]

Lynn | Cape Coral

From the moment Patrick arrived, it was clearly obvious just how passionate he is about his profession. My husband and I embarked on the magical journey of dog ownership with thoughts of a blissful […]

Kristy | Fort Myers, Lee
Patrick and Suzie

We had our lesson with Patrick last week, and cannot believe how quickly our dogs responded. We were able to address many of the challenges we've had for years in a matter of minutes. Our dogs are […]

Patrick and Suzie | Cape Coral, Lee

It was amazing, it all makes so much sense! We saw a huge improvement in our puppy. She’s only 13 weeks old but she responded really well. […]

Kate | Cape Coral

Very happy with the first session. Simba caught on fast and Patrick was great in teaching me how to better speak to my dog and I can't wait to see what a better dog he becomes. Would definitely […]

Stephanie | cape coral

Patrick was the 4th trainer we retained for our almost 2-year old Lab Mix. I know that the trainer's job is to teach the pet owner how to train their dog. Bark Busters' way is not complicated and it […]

Charlotte | Cape Coral

Very informative first meeting So much for me to unlearn about previous Training .Patrick is such a great trainer for Hopes parents ! Looking forward to getting on track . […]

Maureen | Cape Coral, Lee

First day impression: Patrick spent 2.5 hours with us and really gave us a great understanding of how we can alter some behaviors that need changing (mostly centered around how we interact with Totch) […]

Bruce | Fort Myers

I feel like I have a different dog this morning. Following Patrick’s teaching as best I can, my dog has been in the green zone since he woke up this morning. Had the most pleasant walk with him that […]

Patricia | N Ft Myers

Amazing! very excited for Kallies future and all she will learn! […]

Brooklyn | Alva

Wow! One session and what a change! I know that further improvement will take consistency, patience and perseverance but I am looking forward to it. Thank you. […]

Katherine | Fort Myers

With our very first visit from Patrick, Zeke is now calm, respectful of our space, walking perfectly on his leash, and he's staying in the "green zone." Patrick is incredibly knowledgeable, […]

Michele | Fort Myers

Patrick came into our home and within 90 minutes had our dogs listening and obeying to us. He was very professional and taught us the tools we needed to continue the training on our own. […]

Courtney | Fort Myers, Lee

I saw such a big difference after the first session! It was like magic. I am excited to see how much better they get over time by the new tools we learned. I look forward to continue working with […]

Melissa | Fort Myers

Out first training session with Patrick for our 3 month old spirited Aussie, "Jasper" was an engaging, enjoyable, and a remarkable experience. Patrick educated us about canine behavior and explained […]

Miriane | Estero, Lee

I'm still somewhat in shock of the transformation in my dogs with only the first visit. It's been 12 hours and still the dogs are responding as if Patrick was here in person. We have three dogs, two […]

Chuck | Fort Myers, Lee

1st session with Patrick. Amazing little things you think you know but don’t really know or understand. Our puppy began his learning today and received it very well. Looking forward to his […]

Joe | Fort Myers

Patrick walked in and immediately helped me understand how to communicate with my new puppy. Everything I had tried didn't work, but with his methods and patience, we both picked up on what our roles […]

terri | Fort Myers, Lee

We have a six to seven month old rescue that we acquired when he was roughly six weeks old. He was brought to our attention of be malnourished and abused. I then went and got him and myself and my […]

Jason | Fort Myers

My family just finished our first training session with Patrick for our 10 month old pit bull Cecil. I was astonished at what was accomplished within a couple of hours and how our dog reacted to the […]


This is my second review of Patrick Logue with Bark Busters, having posted my first review on August 27, 2019. Once again I'm struggling to put into words just how impressed I am with Patrick and his […]

Tiffany | Fort Myers

Patrick help us to understand that what we thought was correction actually reinforced the negative behavior. We have been practicing daily and have seen Ollies adrenaline level go from a steady 6 to […]

Bob | Fort Myers

I was truly satisfied with my lesson. I knew it was me who truly needed the lesson rather than my dog and I am confident I know can convey my wants to my dog by keeping her in the green zone […]

Mary | Cape Coral

Patrick continues to amaze us. He is a fantastic trainer. Making it so simple to follow. It has been a year since we started with Bark Busters and he came back for a refresher. Effective in just a […]

Michelle | Fort Myers, Lee

We feel with all Patrick has explained to us, we will get the results with our puppy we are looking for. He has stressed we can call him anytime we need help. We do know it will take time and we have […]

sandra | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick was great at explaining to us how to be able to effectively communicate with our new puppies. We were shocked at how well his techniques worked and how 2 hours has already changed the behavior […]

Michele | Cape Coral, Lee

What a great experience! We were able to go for a walk with our dogs without them barking and pulling. Learned to claim our indoor space. Dogs responded immediately! […]

Casey | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick was punctual. He understood Luna’s issues and provided suitable tools and training. He demonstrated his techniques on multiple occasions to ensure we were doing them properly. […]

Shalini | Fort Myers, Lee

We were very impressed with Patrick. His professionalism, patience, understanding, technique, and his integrity. […]

Jack | Cape Coral, Lee

Patrick was awesome!! He's super educated about dog training and has a great way of teaching. His methods are fantastic and I can already see results on day one! Patrick is also an extremely friendly […]

Gia | Estero

I truly enjoyed learning the new, easy methods to implement a happier, healthier lifestyle for our dogs and our family. I’m committed to doing the delay exercises with our dogs and to helping my […]

Winnie | Fort Myers, Lee

To say that Patrick is amazing is truly an understatement! His methods are more simple than any training method I've ever used, and his results are much faster! I've been a veterinary technician for […]

Tiffany | Fort Myers

We could not be happier with the training session we had with Patrick. The training techniques he showed us were easy to do and produced AMAZING results right away. I saw all the comments and […]

Michelle | Lehigh Acres

So glad we called..i have learned so much and Jack is doing wonderful […]

Cindy | Cape Coral

So glad we called..i have learned so much and Jack is doing wonderful […]

Cindy | Cape Coral

Walking much better. Got control of kitchen and bathrooms again. Plays outside much better with the help of an occasional water bottle assist. Having more fun together in just two days. […]

Dale | Fort Myers, Lee

Both dogs responded quickly and after two days are still learning. Patrick is knows his stuff and is fun to work with. He gave us the confidence that we could do it too! […]

Patrick | Cape Coral, Lee

We are completing our first day of training after having Patrick here today at our home. Our puppy, Chief, was totally out of control. Jumping on everyone, food stealing, barking, etc etc. We have 2 […]

Suzanne | Estero, Lee

Patrick is amazing! He turned our dog around in an hour and half! Before he was biting, nipping, jumping, barking, etc... NOTHING WORKED!!! Patrick came in, diagnosed what our dog needed and […]

Hank | Cape Coral, Lee

Encouraged and hopeful Seems to be working well Lots to remember. Will do my best. […]

Marianne | Fort Myers

Patrick is just great with our girls. He explained his process in ways we could really understand. He put us and our girls at ease from step one. He NEVER rushed us or our girls. I'd pass his name […]

Cindy | Bonita Springs

Patrick is so amazing! He helped us with our two dogs who were very hyper while on leash and just around the house. He helped us realize how our behavior is what needed to be modified and make our […]

Blake | Cape Coral, Lee

Patrick was AMAZING from the moment he walked up to the front door, Our Sophie Grace is a 6month old Yallow Lab full of love energy and excitement, Patrick trained us more to speak dog than teaching […]

Stephanie | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick was able in a very short time teach us how to better communicate with our dog. He was able to show us how to keep him from jumping on people and keep him out of certain areas of the house. […]

Kris | Estero, Lee

We had tried several dog trainers with no results. After one session with Patrick our dog Molly is like a different dog! She listens when we tell her to stop barking. She walks on her leash without […]

Patty | Cape Coral, Lee

Patrick was good he immediately started training Jake at the front door. More like training us. You can tell he knows what he is doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone. […]

Ed | Cape Coral, Lee

Patrick, Was fantastic helping my wife and I get off on the right step with our new puppies, Molly and Gracie. Thanks again Patrick - See ya Soon! […]

Joe | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick is an excellent trainer. He really knows how to make training techniques relatable and easy to understand. He has a vast knowledge of communication skills with animals, and I would highly […]

Kenny | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick the trainer was super helpful by explaining different techniques step-by-step on how to correct my dogs behavior in the most efficient manner. Getting help from Bark Busters is a great […]

Tyler | Fort Myers

Good methods for getting my dog under control- seeing rapid positive changes in her behavior! […]

Patricia | Fort Myers

amazing! it worked so quickly and so well. […]

wendy | Bonita Springs, Lee

Excellent first session - good evaluation and saw positive results immediately! […]

Patricia | Fort Myers, Lee

Within 15 minutes of Patricks behavior tips, the dogs had already shown signs of adaptation. Patrick was very easy to get along with and he made you very comfortable. My husband did tremendous […]

Kim | Fort Myers

For the first time I a year I got to see my dogs in the same room relaxed without any aggression. […]

Tricia | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick did wonders for me and my 11 month old mini Aussie. I am looking forward to continuing my practice with Atticus and feel wonderful knowing that if I have any problems show up, I can call bark […]

Jordan | Bonita Springs

What a great learning experience for the whole household and a simple and easy process to calm my dog and experience less barking. Patrick is the dog whisperer! […]

Steven | Fort Myers

Patrick is a phenomenal trainer! He’s extremely knowledgeable about training techniques and dog behavior. You won’t find anyone better! He helped correct my dog’s dog aggression and distraction […]

Erica | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick did a great job with teaching me how to comunicate with Sammie even though she is only 3 months old. She is doing much better after only a couple of days. Work in progress. Thanks Patrick. […]

Danny | Cape Coral, Lee

After just 1 hour we were able to see a difference in our dogs behavior. […]

Ariel | Cape Coral

There are no words for the calm, peace, bond and relationship that Patrick has now brought into our home. Our 10 month old Bichon/Poodle mix was running our household and full of himself, until […]

Pamalla | Fort Myers

Our first session was remarkable. Danny as well as the three other dogs were much calmer throughout the evening. Our original three and Danny were not allowed on the couches or bed throughout the […]

Brenda | Cape Coral

I’m so happy I found Bark Busters! Patrick is an excellent teacher. After seeing instant results I couldn’t be happier. I love knowing that if I need help in the future I can just call and Patrick […]

Stacey | Cape coral

Amazing first session! I was using all the wrong techniques on my own and Patrick provided the approach that actually worked to diffuse a bad situation when visitors come to my home. It's also a […]

Kathy | Fort Myers

Patrick came to our home and our little boy Frosty welcomed him with non-stop barking and nips! When he left he was a completely different dog! Patrick explained the exercises to us very clearly […]

Diane | Bonita Springs

I have an eight year old dog who has been to two trainers over the years with very limited success. In two hours, Patrick was able to train me to communicate with my dog and the results were amazing. […]

Ellie | Fort Myers

He is great. We just need to maintain discipline […]

Hugh | Bonita Springs

I was hesitant in what results we would get. I was amazed in the technique AND results. The dog situation approved 100% on the first day! On day two she has retained her new behavior. Patrick is […]

Linda | Ft Myers Beach

Patrick is professional and patient. My husband and I are confident in our newly acquired training to train our dogs. Day 1 and we are seeing results! […]

Jenny | Fort Myers

Patrick came and he was awesome! He taught us how to work with our dog and he is totally a different dog! We have used what he taught us tonight and can't believe the behavior our dog is showing. […]

Gary | Cape Coral

Our Gread Dane was lunging at people. He is way to big for me to handle. Our HOA was threatening to make us rehome him because of it. In one session Patrick showed us how to talk to him in his […]

Brittanie | Fort Myers

The training itself was clear, understandable, and complete. At least as important - the training is EFFECTIVE. By the end of the first lesson our dog was already exhibiting the behaviours we want. It […]

Barbara | Cape Coral

Highly recommend Bark Busters! I am so glad I called Bark Busters to come out and help me with my large, excitable German Shepherd today! Boogeyman seem to really respond to Patrick! Can't wait to […]

Alyssa | Fort Myers

Patrick is amazing! Within 30 minutes my once crazy and out of control dog was well-behaved, well-mannered, and obedient. I couldn't believe it. The methods used were easy to implement and immediately […]

Erika | Cape Coral

I have two mixed breed dogs, one 7 years old and the other 2 years old. I love them dearly and they are both very sweet, but their behaviors were starting to rule and disrupt my daily life. After […]

Theresa | Fort Myers

Both my husband & I, being consistent in what Patrick has taught us to do, is the key to having a calm, relaxed, respectful & happy dog & a less stressful environment for us! Having Patrick from Bark […]

Paula | Alva

Patrick made my communication with my French Bull Dog, George, effective within minutes. All this time I thought I had a stubborn dog that had selective hearing. However, all this time, I wasn't […]

Tracey | Fort Myers

We will definitely recommend Patrick to anyone looking for dog training! Patrick came to our house and within the first few minutes of working with her you could see our very hyperactive 1yr old […]

Michelle | Fort Myers

Patrick was super helpful and I love that he took the time to educate and was patient with us while we worked on strategies to try. He provided us with examples of common behaviors and the best part […]

Kristi | Fort Myers

Although we are only on day two of working with Bark Busters and the training techniques that Patrick gave us, we are already noticing incredible improvements in our pup! Reggie is a 13-month-old […]

Meg | Fort Myers

Success occurred immediately!! Amazing!!! Ace stopped barking , walked beside me on leash without pulling, and I was able to set boundaries in our home. Patrick's method he taught me of […]

Susan | Fort Myers

I am so happy I called Patrick. It was amazing to me to see our 5 month Labrador mix puppy listen and follow directions in less than hour. He gives the owner the tools necessary to love and discipline […]

Maria | Fort Myers
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