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Bark Busters trains your dog in your home. This is where most of a dog’s behavioral issues occur and is also where your dog is most comfortable. In his home environment your dog can focus and respond better to training.


Patrick the trainer was super helpful by explaining different techniques step-by-step on how to correct my dogs behavior in the most efficient manner. Getting help from Bark Busters is a great […]

Tyler | Fort Myers

Good methods for getting my dog under control- seeing rapid positive changes in her behavior! […]

Patricia | Fort Myers

amazing! it worked so quickly and so well. […]

wendy | Bonita Springs, Lee

Excellent first session - good evaluation and saw positive results immediately! […]

Patricia | Fort Myers, Lee

Within 15 minutes of Patricks behavior tips, the dogs had already shown signs of adaptation. Patrick was very easy to get along with and he made you very comfortable. My husband did tremendous […]

Kim | Fort Myers

For the first time I a year I got to see my dogs in the same room relaxed without any aggression. […]

Tricia | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick did wonders for me and my 11 month old mini Aussie. I am looking forward to continuing my practice with Atticus and feel wonderful knowing that if I have any problems show up, I can call bark […]

Jordan | Bonita Springs

What a great learning experience for the whole household and a simple and easy process to calm my dog and experience less barking. Patrick is the dog whisperer! […]

Steven | Fort Myers

Patrick is a phenomenal trainer! He’s extremely knowledgeable about training techniques and dog behavior. You won’t find anyone better! He helped correct my dog’s dog aggression and distraction […]

Erica | Fort Myers, Lee

Patrick did a great job with teaching me how to comunicate with Sammie even though she is only 3 months old. She is doing much better after only a couple of days. Work in progress. Thanks Patrick. […]

Danny | Cape Coral, Lee

After just 1 hour we were able to see a difference in our dogs behavior. […]

Ariel | Cape Coral

There are no words for the calm, peace, bond and relationship that Patrick has now brought into our home. Our 10 month old Bichon/Poodle mix was running our household and full of himself, until […]

Pamalla | Fort Myers

Our first session was remarkable. Danny as well as the three other dogs were much calmer throughout the evening. Our original three and Danny were not allowed on the couches or bed throughout the […]

Brenda | Cape Coral

I’m so happy I found Bark Busters! Patrick is an excellent teacher. After seeing instant results I couldn’t be happier. I love knowing that if I need help in the future I can just call and Patrick […]

Stacey | Cape coral

Amazing first session! I was using all the wrong techniques on my own and Patrick provided the approach that actually worked to diffuse a bad situation when visitors come to my home. It's also a […]

Kathy | Fort Myers

Patrick came to our home and our little boy Frosty welcomed him with non-stop barking and nips! When he left he was a completely different dog! Patrick explained the exercises to us very clearly […]

Diane | Bonita Springs

I have an eight year old dog who has been to two trainers over the years with very limited success. In two hours, Patrick was able to train me to communicate with my dog and the results were amazing. […]

Ellie | Fort Myers

He is great. We just need to maintain discipline […]

Hugh | Bonita Springs

I was hesitant in what results we would get. I was amazed in the technique AND results. The dog situation approved 100% on the first day! On day two she has retained her new behavior. Patrick is […]

Linda | Ft Myers Beach

Patrick is professional and patient. My husband and I are confident in our newly acquired training to train our dogs. Day 1 and we are seeing results! […]

Jenny | Fort Myers

Patrick came and he was awesome! He taught us how to work with our dog and he is totally a different dog! We have used what he taught us tonight and can't believe the behavior our dog is showing. […]

Gary | Cape Coral

Our Gread Dane was lunging at people. He is way to big for me to handle. Our HOA was threatening to make us rehome him because of it. In one session Patrick showed us how to talk to him in his […]

Brittanie | Fort Myers

The training itself was clear, understandable, and complete. At least as important - the training is EFFECTIVE. By the end of the first lesson our dog was already exhibiting the behaviours we want. It […]

Barbara | Cape Coral

Highly recommend Bark Busters! I am so glad I called Bark Busters to come out and help me with my large, excitable German Shepherd today! Boogeyman seem to really respond to Patrick! Can't wait to […]

Alyssa | Fort Myers

Patrick is amazing! Within 30 minutes my once crazy and out of control dog was well-behaved, well-mannered, and obedient. I couldn't believe it. The methods used were easy to implement and immediately […]

Erika | Cape Coral

I have two mixed breed dogs, one 7 years old and the other 2 years old. I love them dearly and they are both very sweet, but their behaviors were starting to rule and disrupt my daily life. After […]

Theresa | Fort Myers

Both my husband & I, being consistent in what Patrick has taught us to do, is the key to having a calm, relaxed, respectful & happy dog & a less stressful environment for us! Having Patrick from Bark […]

Paula | Alva

Patrick made my communication with my French Bull Dog, George, effective within minutes. All this time I thought I had a stubborn dog that had selective hearing. However, all this time, I wasn't […]

Tracey | Fort Myers

We will definitely recommend Patrick to anyone looking for dog training! Patrick came to our house and within the first few minutes of working with her you could see our very hyperactive 1yr old […]

Michelle | Fort Myers

Patrick was super helpful and I love that he took the time to educate and was patient with us while we worked on strategies to try. He provided us with examples of common behaviors and the best part […]

Kristi | Fort Myers

Although we are only on day two of working with Bark Busters and the training techniques that Patrick gave us, we are already noticing incredible improvements in our pup! Reggie is a 13-month-old […]

Meg | Fort Myers

Success occurred immediately!! Amazing!!! Ace stopped barking , walked beside me on leash without pulling, and I was able to set boundaries in our home. Patrick's method he taught me of […]

Susan | Fort Myers

I am so happy I called Patrick. It was amazing to me to see our 5 month Labrador mix puppy listen and follow directions in less than hour. He gives the owner the tools necessary to love and discipline […]

Maria | Fort Myers

We have 2 small dogs (both over 6 yrs. Old) which we previously tried training using methods observed on the TV and written literature. They have barking, aggressive tendencies, and other behavior […]

Edward | Fort Myers

Thank you, Patrick, for saving my dog's life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it's what we were facing. We recently rescued a senior dog (8 y.o.) who was found as a stray in Miami. After a few […]

Amy | Estero

We have had miraculous results! Patrick is a saint! Saw a HUGE difference after first training session. Working hard every day and it is the best training we have tried (we have done obedience […]

Nancy | Estero
Jim & Denise

Patrick is a Pro! we saw results on the first day. The simplicity if the Bark Busters approach the logical explanation and demonstration by Patrick enabled us to immediately go to work. A follow up […]

Jim & Denise | Ft. Myers

We adopted a rescue from the Humane Society. He is the cutest little mix with the biggest attitude. He pulled on the leash, ate the house and furniture, jumped, and nipped. With a baby on the way, […]

Chuck | Fort Myers

Patrick worked with Ginger and me for about 2 hours and I couldn't believe the difference. All of my neighbors that have watched her drag me around have ask about Bark Busters. She continues to be a […]

joyce | fort myers

excellent. our puppy responded to the trainer right away. we haven't done as well, but we need to be more consistent. […]

judy | ft myers

Patrick is a wonderful trainer. Very calm and very real to work with. You have to keep up with exercises given to you, very helpful newsletters. I would recommend Patrick to anyone with a dog that […]

Jennifer | Ft Myers

Great session. Gave us the tools to get Tango to behave and walk. […]

Tony | Bokeelia

Lucy is a 21 week old mini labradoodle. She is playful and loves everyone. Prior to Patrick coming in and training us, Lucy would jump up on everyone because she was so excited. After just one […]

Ron | Bonita Springs

Amazing and awesome. Hard to believe Patrick Logue could accomplish all he did in an hour and a half. Taught my wife and I how to get out dogs from barking and jumping on/at us, visitors, other dogs, […]

Charles | North Fort Myers

Pat was awesome. He was friendly and very responsive- he immediately spotted what we were doing wrong and gave us great tools to correct the problems. Our golden retriever's behavior has immensely […]

Ben | Naples

Could not have anticipated the positive changes in my dog's behavior after just one session with Patrick Logue using Bark Busters training program. Patrick is a caring professional. I plan to […]

Jo | Ft Myers



Helped us in many areas of puppy management. All very worthwhile. […]

Carlos | North Fort Myers

Patrick did a wonderful job of helping us work with Mimosa. He taught us techniques we can use on a daily basis. […]

Jayme | Fort Myers

Bark Busters really delivers what they promise. I was a bit leary about getting the type of response we got from our dog with only 1 visit but we were able to see a hugh improvement in only a few […]

John | Fort Myers

I was so impressed with the way Bark Busters training methods work. They are effective & do not harm the dog. Patrick Logue is very professional, courteous, & respectful of the owner & dog. I had a […]

Lisa | Fort Myers

Patrick at Bark Busters has shown me that life with an assertive, young dog doesn't have to be stressful and miserable! During our first visit, my dog seemed almost relieved to show me respect as his […]

Aimee | Fort Myers

Our dogs are 14 months and 4 months old. Upon arrival, our dogs tried to run out the front door then were wrestling under the table as Patrick was trying to talk to us. Patrick spoke to us about the […]

Brandi | Fort Myers

The training was so good! The presentation including the videos explained all and every issues we have been facing for years. The in-home exercises went well and our dogs began to respond and we were […]

Marilyn | Fort Myers

Patrick is amazing. After getting our information on our dog he then showed us on how to communicate with our Aries. Learning to speak dog has changed Aries tremendously along with my husband and I. […]

Marie | Cape Coral

I want to thank Patrick for coming to my home to help with my crazy Jack Russell puppy Charlie! Patrick was very cordial and straight to the point. He was very easy to talk to and answered all our […]

Lisa | Fort Myers

The efficiency that Sawyer was handled with was remarkable we found he surprised us with following commands as well as he did we are determined to keep with the training and thank Bark Busters for […]

David | Fort Myers

I rescued a Bull Terrier 2 months ago. I had a previous trainer come to my home to give me basic training. It helped but I was still having issues with leash training and was unable to have Gracie […]

Lauren | Cape Coral

Patrick addressed Sandy's barking from the moment he rang the doorbell. I called him because Sandy had nipped our youngest child and we were very concerned and worried she may need a new home. Thanks […]

Alexandra | Estero

My husband and I have a strong willed, high maintenance, yappy pomeranian, Bear. We dealt with his craziness for way too long and finally decided we needed help! After one visit with Patrick that has […]

Danielle | Fort Myers

The training with Patrick was excellent. Two weeks ago, I broke my wrist while walking my two dogs because they chased a rabbit and I went down. Today, I can walk them side by side without the […]

Donna | Bonita Springs

The training techniques were easy to learn and the response from our dogs was immediate. The instruction was clear and concise and helped us to better understand how to get our dogs to respond to us. […]

Karen | Ft. Myers

Patrick is amazing! We had a whole new dog in less than 5 minutes of his arrival! Our dog, CiCi, would nip and bark at visitors, had no respect for space, and we dreaded taking her on walks around our […]

Emma | Fort Myers

I had 3 dogs myself & inherited 3 more. It was never quiet or calm in my home. I now have some peace & quit. Thank You Patrick! […]

Martel | Cape Coral
Karen & Dave

Here is our lesson video: […]

Karen & Dave | Fort Myers

The wife and I brought home our first new born child and became very concerned about our 3 year old pit mix. She has always been good but very thick headed and would never listen to commands and just […]

Kenny | lehigh acres

The wife and I brought home our first new born child and became very concerned about our 3 year old pit mix. She has always been good but very thick headed and would never listen to commands and just […]

Kenny | lehigh acres

I was very impressed. […]

Kim | North Fort Myers

We were extremely satisfied with the simplicity of training techniques and explanations along with demonstrations of how and why they work. […]

Vicky | Cape Coral
Ken & Linda

Patrick was very personable. He made us understand how to train our dogs by examples. He showed us what to do and our dogs responded very well to it. We learned a lot from him. The lesson was very […]

Ken & Linda | Naples

The lesson was very informative. We were able to work with our dogs to learn boundaries at the door. We know about how to work on walking on leash and not be aggressive. The trainer Patrick was […]

Patricia | Fort Myers

Very professional. Our dog, 8 months old, has responded remarkably to the input we received from Patrick. My wife remarked about the respect that our dog demonstrated for Patrick at the very […]

Richard | Plainfield

Patrick was well organized, professional, articulate and training started immediately and is already working great! […]

Denise | Lehigh Acres

Patrick's training had an immediate affect on our barking Sheltie. We learned very quickly how to control her barking, and we have implemented his training techniques with effective results. […]

william | Ft. Myers
Kathy & Gary

We have been very impressed with Bodie's behavior now that we were taught by Patrick how to communicate both verbally and body language. Bodie's response was quick which we were thrilled with. We […]

Kathy & Gary | Fort Myers
Pam & Joe

Great job! We were so pleased with Patrick and his understanding of dogs! […]

Pam & Joe | Cape Coral

Patrick was great. He had patience with our two dogs and never hurried up with his training. Very happy with results. […]

Ann | Fort Myers

First Lesson, great results. Amazed how easy and quickly Baylor responded to Patrick's training […]

tom | Fort Myers Beach

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Sadie is a new dog. Much calmer around the house and a totally different dog on her leash. Walks with me and next to me too! […]

Melissa | Bonita Springs

Patrick was clear and concise with explaining how dogs think. I learned a lot. It was a pleasant and effective experience. […]

Erica | Fort Myers

Patrick was very professional and knowledgable. He explained things well and we saw improvement after the initial visit. I liked how he didn't use treats as a reward since treats are not always […]

Lynn | Bonita Springs

Great help with Zoey. Looking forward to more training too. Amazing how in a few minutes of beginning her behavior is different. […]

Susan | Cape Coral

The education session was very informative and helpful in understanding how to communicate with our dog. Gauge, our adopted dog, also responded to the training techniques rather quickly. […]

Lisa | Cape Coral

Patrick was incredibly professional and made everything easy to understand. In one hour he was able to exhaust my high energy pup and teach him how to walk on the leash with no pulling and also how […]

Marcela | Fort Myers
Don & Linda

LuLu responded immediately to the training. We are pleased with her progress. […]

Don & Linda | Fort Myers Beach

Saw improvement with one, two hour lesson. […]

Adrienne | Cape Coral
Petra & David

It was a pleasure to meet you and learn your dog training methods. Rhea is responding well so far. […]

Petra & David | Fort Myers
Suzanne & Omar

Patrick was very helpful, courteous and understanding. We will highly recommend Bark Busters! […]

Suzanne & Omar | Lehigh Acres

. […]

Patricia | Lehigh Acres

Sheba responded very well to the training. Patrick was very professional, timely and has answered all of our questions. […]

Nick | Fort Myers

Our two meetings with Patrick have been so helpful! The improvement we are experiencing already with both dogs is awesome! […]

Lisa | Naples

. […]

Angie | Estero
Bob & Suzi

. […]

Bob & Suzi | Fort Myers

. […]

Linda | Naples

We were amazed at how well the dogs responded after one visit they are listening and following our orders. […]

Cindy | Naples

Patrick was great and worked out the barking at the door in one visit. […]

Susan | Cape Coral
Martin & Judith

. […]

Martin & Judith | Fort Myers

Patrick was very easy to talk to. The 2 hours went extremely quick. We could see the techniques work. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters. […]

Allison | Cape Coral
Walter & Barbara

Very satisfied and Baron continues well in his training. […]

Walter & Barbara | Fort Myers

One hour made all the difference! […]

Shellie | Labelle