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Fourth of July Safety Tips

Independence Day – July 4th – Treason Day!


Independence Day celebrations are great fun for people, but the loud noises and bright lights can be traumatic for dogs.  We offer the following helpful tips for the millions of US dog owners on how to help keep their dogs safe and calm during July 4th celebrations.
  • If you are going to a fireworks display, leave your dog at home where they will be the safest and comfortable.


  • If you bring your dog with you to an event, DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR.  A partially opened window does not supply sufficient fresh air and it creates opportunities for your pet to be stolen or injure itself.


  • Always keep proper identification securely fastened to your dog’s collar in case they get out.  Talk with your veterinarian about implanting a universal microchip in your pet, and make sure your veterinary clinic and animal shelter have your correct contact information in their databases.  Consider buying a QR code enabled identification tag like the WaggTagg.  This will allow anyone with a smartphone with a camera or a QR app to scan the tag and help get your pup back to you.




  • Some dogs become destructive when frightened.  If you don’t use a crate, remove any items in the room your dog could destroy or could hurt them if chewed.


  • Keep your dog away from the front and back doors.  Your dog may be under significant stress, which could result in unnecessary injury to others or cause him to dart out the door and become lost.


  • Keep windows and curtains closed to reduce noise and bright flashes.


  • Turn on a TV or radio at normal volume to distract your dog from loud noises and help them to relax.


  • If possible, stay with your pet during the majority of the fireworks.  A dog often reacts more intensely to loud sounds and flashes of lights when you are not with them.


  • Consider hiring a pet sitter to stay with your dog while you are away from home.

To learn a bit more about what not to do when your dog is acting up, and how to better soothe your dog, please click HERE.

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