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Safely Using Dog Parks to Work with Dog Aggression.

I sometimes train a dog to be less aggressive around other dogs.  This type of dog training can be hard to conduct unless a neighbor is willing to help.  If we are unable to find a neighbor we go to a local Lee County dog park.  We do NOT go inside with the other dogs.  We do use the dogs inside the park as distractions.  We do our best to make sure people and dogs are safe by staying on the outside of the dog park.

The following is a list of dog parks in and around the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Estero area of Lee County, FL where I have gone and helped my clients train their dog.

Buckingham Community Park

Estero Community Park

Veterans Community Park (Cape Coral)

Judd Community Park (North Fort Myers)

Wa-Ke Hatchee Community Park (Fort Myers, behind Lexington Middle School)

It is worth noting whenever we train an aggressive dog we always recommend the use of an Italian Basket Style muzzle.  Other styles of muzzles, like a sleeve style muzzle, may only help trigger a fight or flight or may pose a medical risk due to the muzzle restricting the opening and closing of the dog’s mouth.  Please consult your veterinarian or contact your local Bark Busters (800.500.2275) trainer to discuss the proper style and use of a muzzle.

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