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Dog Obedience Training v. Adrenaline

Google Search Training Methods

Crazy Behavior is on "paws."

Pomsky Learns Boundaries

Patrick Logue works with a Pomsky

American Bulldog - No Jumping or Pulling on the Leash

Patrick Logue works with an American Bulldog to get no jumping or pulling on the leash

Stop Your Barking Dogs

Boston Terrier - Coming When Called, Front Door and Leash Manners

Patrick Logue works with a Boston Terrier on 'Coming When Called', 'Front Door and Leash Manners'

Coton de Tulear - Front Door Manners

Patrick Logue teaches a Coton de Tulear some front door manners

How to Stop Charging the Front Door

Patrick Logue - How to Stop Charging the Front Door


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