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Diane B. | Bonita Springs, Florida

April 19 2018 Bark busters rating

Patrick came to our home and our little boy Frosty welcomed him with non-stop barking and nips! When he left he was a completely different dog! Patrick explained the exercises to us very clearly and demonstrated what we had to do. He gave us time to try them with Frosty. They worked!! He was very patience with both us and the dog. He even came outside with us and showed us the proper technique to walking Frosty. He is a different dog and with time and practice we look forward to having a happier and more quiet dog! Thank you Patrick!!

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Ellie V. | Fort Myers, Florida

April 14 2018 Bark busters rating

I have an eight year old dog who has been to two trainers over the years with very limited success. In two hours, Patrick was able to train me to communicate with my dog and the results were amazing. Thank you, Patrick.

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Hugh E. | Bonita Springs, Florida

March 28 2018 Bark busters rating

He is great. We just need to maintain discipline

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Linda W. | Ft Myers Beach, Florida

March 18 2018 Bark busters rating

I was hesitant in what results we would get. I was amazed in the technique AND results. The dog situation approved 100% on the first day! On day two she has retained her new behavior.

Patrick is very patient and his knowledge of the training techniques- 100%. He is also very personable and funny..! I DEFINITELY recommend him.👍

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Jenny P. | Fort Myers, Florida

March 4 2018 Bark busters rating

Patrick is professional and patient. My husband and I are confident in our newly acquired training to train our dogs. Day 1 and we are seeing results!

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Gary M. | Cape Coral, Florida

February 20 2018 Bark busters rating

Patrick came and he was awesome! He taught us how to work with our dog and he is totally a different dog! We have used what he taught us tonight and can't believe the behavior our dog is showing. We are VERY excited about this, as our golden retriever was very excitable and jumped a lot, and he has been so calm tonight! We would definitely recommend Patrick Logue at Bark Busters and you will be as amazed as we are! The BEST money we have every spent! We live most of the time near St. Paul, Minnesota, but we were having trouble down here in Cape Coral, Florida. Unbelievable.... Thank you Patrick!

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Brittanie M. | Fort Myers, Florida

February 13 2018 Bark busters rating

Our Gread Dane was lunging at people. He is way to big for me to handle. Our HOA was threatening to make us rehome him because of it. In one session Patrick showed us how to talk to him in his language & convey that he needs to listen to me. I would of never believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. He walks nice on leash & has stopped lunging,he doesn't jump on people at front door, he won't go in kitchen when I don't want him in there. He behaves around other dogs now. He is like a different dog! Well worth the money.I'm a believer, & have peace of mind that if we need Patrick again he will be there to help us.

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Barbara A. | Cape Coral, Florida

February 10 2018 Bark busters rating

The training itself was clear, understandable, and complete. At least as important - the training is EFFECTIVE. By the end of the first lesson our dog was already exhibiting the behaviours we want. It has only gotten better over time (2 days in now), and we have a different dog. We also were well-trained by Patrick, and we are much better at 'talking dog' than ever before.

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Alyssa P. | Fort Myers, Florida

February 9 2018 Bark busters rating

Highly recommend Bark Busters! I am so glad I called Bark Busters to come out and help me with my large, excitable German Shepherd today! Boogeyman seem to really respond to Patrick! Can't wait to show the rest of the family everything that I learned today! Thank you again!

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Erika D. | Cape Coral, Florida

February 3 2018 Bark busters rating

Patrick is amazing! Within 30 minutes my once crazy and out of control dog was well-behaved, well-mannered, and obedient. I couldn’t believe it. The methods used were easy to implement and immediately effective. The dog responded immediately to the training technique. I would highly recommend Bark Busters to anyone looking for a training program that works.

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Theresa G. | Fort Myers, Florida

January 29 2018 Bark busters rating

I have two mixed breed dogs, one 7 years old and the other 2 years old. I love them dearly and they are both very sweet, but their behaviors were starting to rule and disrupt my daily life. After just one consultation with Patrick, I feel a tremendous sense of relief. I realize what I've been doing wrong and both of my dogs displayed improved behavior. I feel confident that by reinforcing and practicing the methods that Patrick demonstrated my life with my dogs will be tremendously rewarding. Thank you Patrick!

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Paula H. | Alva, Florida

January 19 2018 Bark busters rating

Both my husband & I, being consistent in what Patrick has taught us to do, is the key to having a calm, relaxed, respectful & happy dog & a less stressful environment for us! Having Patrick from Bark Busters come to our home was most certainly an enlightening experience.

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Tracey T. | Fort Myers, Florida

December 27 2017 Bark busters rating

Patrick made my communication with my French Bull Dog, George, effective within minutes. All this time I thought I had a stubborn dog that had selective hearing. However, all this time, I wasn't speaking his language. I feel that I already have a new bond with my dog after literally 2 hours of training (the actual training itself only took 10 minutes). It couldn't have been easier! Super stress free. Thanks again Patrick, Sincerely Tracey, Morgan and George

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Michelle W. | Fort Myers, Florida

December 24 2017 Bark busters rating

We will definitely recommend Patrick to anyone looking for dog training! Patrick came to our house and within the first few minutes of working with her you could see our very hyperactive 1yr old Golden Doodles behavior improve. The leash training and in house skills we learned are already making a huge difference! Thank you Bark Busters!

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Kristi T. | Fort Myers, Florida

November 11 2017 Bark busters rating

Patrick was super helpful and I love that he took the time to educate and was patient with us while we worked on strategies to try. He provided us with examples of common behaviors and the best part is that we are already seeing a difference! Thank you so much for your help Patrick! I’m still amazed that it works that quickly :)

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Meg N. | Fort Myers, Florida

November 10 2017 Bark busters rating

Although we are only on day two of working with Bark Busters and the training techniques that Patrick gave us, we are already noticing incredible improvements in our pup! Reggie is a 13-month-old German Shepherd Dog and has recently been a little more than we can handle - typical puppy stuff, but lately, he has been difficult and due to his size and breed, we want to make sure we train him to his best potential. Patrick came over yesterday, and after consulting with me and my husband, we started working with Reggie and it was almost instantaneous how he responded to his new commands and our authority. It became very clear that not only was Reggie getting an education, but we are getting trained as well! We didn't hesitate to sign up for the full program and are going to do the homework assignments with Reggie, and honestly, we can't wait to have Patrick back over in a week or two to continue teaching us how to teach our dog the be the best he can be! If you are having ANY issues with your dog, call Bark Busters!

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Susan G. | Fort Myers, Florida

September 30 2017 Bark busters rating

Success occurred immediately!! Amazing!!! Ace stopped barking , walked beside me on leash without pulling, and I was able to set boundaries in our home. Patrick's method he taught me of communicating with Ace worked beautifully and left me with a tool I can use at home or otherwise, even the car, throughout the day. I can't believe the doorbell can ring and I can answer it without having to grab for a barking, stressed out dog! Ace is less anxious already and so am I. Thanks, Patrick & Bark Busters!

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Maria S. | Fort Myers, Florida

August 31 2017 Bark busters rating

I am so happy I called Patrick. It was amazing to me to see our 5 month Labrador mix puppy listen and follow directions in less than hour. He gives the owner the tools necessary to love and discipline (in a loving way) simultaneously. The other key to success he reiterated was practice practice practice and praise praise praise. I feel confident now and much more peaceful. He is very professional and patience. I would recommend to anyone!!

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Edward K. | Fort Myers, Florida

August 8 2017 Bark busters rating

We have 2 small dogs (both over 6 yrs. Old) which we previously tried training using methods observed on the TV and written literature. They have barking, aggressive tendencies, and other behavior issues. These other methods did not prove successful.

Patrick from “Bark Busters” came to our house within a few days of our call. He worked with my wife and I to thoroughly understand his training method and demonstrated with our dogs how to implement this training.

Our dogs showed improvement within 2 hours of his arrival in our house. They have continued to improve in their behavior since then with us using the reinforcement methods he outlined (only a few minutes a day).

We are very happy with their improved behavior and now recognize what it takes for us to communicate / understand / control our pets. Bark Busters (Patrick) was the organization to provide the training that allows a happy owner / pet relationship.

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Amy V. | Estero, Florida

July 19 2017 Bark busters rating

Thank you, Patrick, for saving my dog’s life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s what we were facing. We recently rescued a senior dog (8 y.o.) who was found as a stray in Miami. After a few weeks, however, we began to notice concerning behavior, including some aggression. Aggressive dogs are not adoptable, and in most case, they’re euthanized. I called Bark Busters after having seen the positive reviews, and after a phone conversation with Patrick, I was hopeful he could help me rehabilitate our dog and return order to our home.

Within moments of arriving at the house, Patrick identified the issues, and within two hours, both of our senior dogs were responding well to the ‘programming exercises.’ There’s a lot of work ahead to train us all. We’ve been working hard every day, and I believe we’re well on our way. A few weeks into the program, and we’re seeing positive results; I look forward to what’s to come as I learn how to “speak dog,” and we rebuild our mutual trust and respect.

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Nancy B. | Estero, Florida

June 22 2017 Bark busters rating

We have had miraculous results! Patrick is a saint! Saw a HUGE difference after first training session. Working hard every day and it is the best training we have tried (we have done obedience training with all five dogs we have had in the past 21 years)by far the best and easiest. Speaking dog works.

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Jim & Denise G. | Ft. Myers, Michigan

April 5 2017 Bark busters rating

Patrick is a Pro! we saw results on the first day. The simplicity if the Bark Busters approach the logical explanation and demonstration by Patrick enabled us to immediately go to work. A follow up visit reinforced our efforts and gave us the confidence to work with "Freddie" while returning to our home in Michigan.

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Chuck P. | Fort Myers, Florida

April 3 2017 Bark busters rating

We adopted a rescue from the Humane Society. He is the cutest little mix with the biggest attitude. He pulled on the leash, ate the house and furniture, jumped, and nipped. With a baby on the way, and a large desire to keep our new furbaby happy and healthy, we decided we needed help. Patrick came to our house and within two hours completely transformed our out of control dog into a loving member of the family. We addressed all his issues, and without the need of treats or anything physical. I cannot recommend enough of Patrick and his service. I truly believe with his help and our at home exercises, our rescue will be a well behaved and beloved member of the family.

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Joyce R. | fort myers, Florida

March 24 2017 Bark busters rating

Patrick worked with Ginger and me for about 2 hours and I couldn't believe the difference. All of my neighbors that have watched her drag me around have ask about Bark Busters. She continues to be a pleasure to walk .

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Judy H. | ft myers, Florida

March 6 2017 Bark busters rating

excellent. our puppy responded to the trainer right away. we haven't done as well, but we need to be more consistent.

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Jennifer L. | Ft Myers, Florida

February 26 2017 Bark busters rating

Patrick is a wonderful trainer. Very calm and very real to work with. You have to keep up with exercises given to you, very helpful newsletters. I would recommend Patrick to anyone with a dog that needs help training. Sampson is 85 lbs and has changed in so many ways after just 1 session.

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Tony K. | Bokeelia, Florida

February 13 2017 Bark busters rating

Great session. Gave us the tools to get Tango to behave and walk.

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Ron C. | Bonita Springs, Florida

December 21 2016 Bark busters rating

Lucy is a 21 week old mini labradoodle. She is playful and loves everyone. Prior to Patrick coming in and training us, Lucy would jump up on everyone because she was so excited.

After just one visit, Patrick showed us how to take control of the situations with just verbal commands, sometimes including a clap. No physical retraints or contact with Lucy when doing so. It is so simple and brilliant.

We couldn't be more pleased. We continue to do our homework and see daily progress.

Joe and I recommend Patrick and Bark Busters to anyone and everyone!

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Charles V. | North Fort Myers, Florida

December 9 2016 Bark busters rating

Amazing and awesome. Hard to believe Patrick Logue could accomplish all he did in an hour and a half. Taught my wife and I how to get out dogs from barking and jumping on/at us, visitors, other dogs, people we meet outside. These two three-year old puppies quickly learned that my wife and I were in charge and not them. No yelling, no punishing, no treats...nothing...but a few commands and body language. Wonderful. Want peace with your pups, you loving them and they loving and respecting you...call Bark Busters. Well worth the price!

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Ben Y. | Naples, Florida

December 2 2016 Bark busters rating

Pat was awesome. He was friendly and very responsive- he immediately spotted what we were doing wrong and gave us great tools to correct the problems. Our golden retriever's behavior has immensely improved. We are very happy with the result and enthusiastically recommend Pat!

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