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Dog Obedience Training v. Adrenaline

Why Choose Bark Busters?


Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

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Kathy E.

Amazing first session! I was using all the wrong techniques on my own and Patrick provided the approach that actually worked to diffuse a bad situation when visitors come to my home. It’s […]

Kathy E. | Fort Myers, Florida
Diane B.

Patrick came to our home and our little boy Frosty welcomed him with non-stop barking and nips! When he left he was a completely different dog! Patrick explained the exercises to us very clearly […]

Diane B. | Bonita Springs, Florida
Ellie V.

I have an eight year old dog who has been to two trainers over the years with very limited success. In two hours, Patrick was able to train me to communicate with my dog and the results were […]

Ellie V. | Fort Myers, Florida
Hugh E.

He is great. We just need to maintain discipline


Hugh E. | Bonita Springs, Florida
Linda W.

I was hesitant in what results we would get. I was amazed in the technique AND results. The dog situation approved 100% on the first day! On day two she has retained her new behavior.


Linda W. | Ft Myers Beach, Florida
Jenny P.

Patrick is professional and patient. My husband and I are confident in our newly acquired training to train our dogs. Day 1 and we are seeing results!


Jenny P. | Fort Myers, Florida
Gary M.

Patrick came and he was awesome! He taught us how to work with our dog and he is totally a different dog! We have used what he taught us tonight and can't believe the behavior our dog is showing. […]

Gary M. | Cape Coral, Florida
Brittanie M.

Our Gread Dane was lunging at people. He is way to big for me to handle. Our HOA was threatening to make us rehome him because of it. In one session Patrick showed us how to talk to him in his […]

Brittanie M. | Fort Myers, Florida
Barbara A.

The training itself was clear, understandable, and complete. At least as important - the training is EFFECTIVE. By the end of the first lesson our dog was already exhibiting the behaviours we want. […]

Barbara A. | Cape Coral, Florida
Alyssa P.

Highly recommend Bark Busters! I am so glad I called Bark Busters to come out and help me with my large, excitable German Shepherd today! Boogeyman seem to really respond to Patrick! Can't wait to […]

Alyssa P. | Fort Myers, Florida

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#BarkBusters #SpeakDogChangeYourLife #FortMyersK9 #DogsofBarkBusters #HomeDogTraining #AustralianShepherd

#BarkBusters #SpeakDogChangeYourLife #FortMyersK9 #DogsofBarkBusters #HomeDogTraining #GreatDane

#BarkBusters #SpeakDogChangeYourLife #FortMyersK9 #DogsofBarkBusters #HomeDogTraining #Frenchies #FrenchBulldog

#BarkBusters #SpeakDogChangeYourLife #FortMyersK9 #DogsofBarkBusters #HomeDogTraining #GoldenDoodle

#BarkBusters #SpeakDogChangeYourLife #FortMyersK9 #DogsofBarkBusters #HomeDogTraining

#BarkBusters #SpeakDogChangeYourLife #FortMyersK9 #DogsofBarkBusters #HomeDogTraining